"The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” Olympiad John Howard

Electric Pedals build custom pedal powered system. 

We use the energy from people cycling to generate electricity for events & permanent installations ranging from outdoor cinemas, educational workshops, music stages, outdoor classrooms in schools, phone-charging at festivals and many more. We can power almost anything! All of this without using a single battery. Pedal power is not only a clean & fun method of generating electricity, it's also an amazing way to promote sustainability, exercise and energy appreciation. 

It all started at the Big Chill Festival in 2007. David Butcher who had been innovating pedal power for a long time before us, came over from the United States to build a bicycle-powered lantern tree. Bicycles were set facing out in a circle around the base of an enormous oak tree. Each bicycle was connected to lanterns of varying colour and as people got on and off the bikes, the lanterns flickered on and off; their brightness reflecting the energy of the cyclist. Electric Pedals was born out of this simple yet beautiful idea, and it continues to influence us today in our celebration of the power of the pedal. 

We design and build everything at our workshop in the Bussey Building in Peckham, London. You can hire us for an event or buy our equipment to keep for your own bike-powered activities. We've worked with companies from Uruguay to more locally in SE London teaching people about the benefits of pedal power. We're always looking to develop our educational workshops so if you want to learn more about how our kit works, get in touch through our Contact page. Please also check out our Portfolio to see the variety of bike-powered fun we've been having since Electric Pedals began.